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Patient Reviews

I have been with this dentist office for over 30 years. Dr. Ohlsson does a great job and his staff is very helpful and friendly. Go see Dr. Ohlsson you wont be disappointed.

Julie L. | October 30, 2017

My family has been going to Dr. Ohlsson for over 15 years. The staff provides outstanding service and is truly passionate about providing the best care to their patients. Highly recommend!

Karla B. | October 2, 2017

I have been very pleased with Dr. Ohlsson and his staff.

Sarah C. | October 2, 2017

I would like to add my sincere appreciation to Dr. ohlsson and his staff.  Not only did I receive exceptional dental procedures but also considerate understanding of my handicap. I have lost my hearing ability. Dr.Ohlsson’s assistant took the time and care to write explaining step-by-step what would normally be said.  My heartfelt thanks to them all!

Rosemarie C. | October 2, 2017

I just started going to Dr. Ohlsson this past year. I had a terrible experience at my previous dentist with reviewing my options on a root canal. I found Dr. online and he had such great reviews and was local so figured I would give him a shot, especially since I couldn’t bare my tooth pain any longer. I have never had a root canal and quite frankly thought I was too young for one, so I wanted to make sure that is what it was. He knew right away that I needed a root canal, he was confident and polite about it all. He was able to get me in with the surgeon that day at a specialist in the same building. As scared as I was, they all made the process seamless. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ohlsson!

Lauren B. | October 2, 2017

The Ohlssons, John and Don  have taken  tender care of our dental needs for 48 years.

Paul and Barbara B. | October 2, 2017

I would recommend Rochester Hills Dental to anyone, but especially those that are hesitant to see a dentist. Personally I had a bad experience with a dentist in the past. This made it challenging to come in for regular cleanings and checkups. As a result, I let a lot of time pass without going in. Needless to say I when I finally went I was apprehensive. However once I meet Dr. Ohlsson everything changed. He was gentle, he was kind and he was truthful. He completely changed my outlook on going to the dentist. He has a wonderful staff that share his caring and sensitive attitude toward dentistry. If currently don’t have a dentist please visit Rochester Hills Dental. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, or you are simply hesitant because of a bad experience let Dr. Ohlsson and his staff give your teeth the care and help they need. You’ll be so thankful that you did!

Christopher A. | September 24, 2017

Dr. Ohlsson has been my dentist since he started his practice.  His business is build around “us” the customer, with satisfaction, trust and personal service a priority.  His investment in 3D crowns and implants ensures that I have been able to choose the option that is the highest quality and appearance for my smile.  Dr Don has provided me with several crowns, root canals and implants that are as good as new with no follow up required. I highly recommend Dr. Ohlssons dental practice for all your dental needs.  Feel free to contact me personally if you would like to discuss.

Steve A. | September 24, 2017

I continue to be impressed with the high level of dental technology available and the warm personal way it has been administered.

Robert B. | September 24, 2017

Dr. Ohlsson always does a great job! His staff is first class. They have the latest technology. He’s been my dentist for 10+ years. I’ve been to 7 different dentists and RHD is the best!

Tim B. | September 24, 2017

I have had several dentists and Dr Ohlsson  and his staff is the best I have been to. They are responsive and on top of their game.

Jerry B. | September 24, 2017

Dr. Olsson is the best. I and my family have been receiving amazing and great service. I have recommended Dr. Olsson to my colleagues and friends.

Amitava A. | September 24, 2017

Absolutely Amazing!! I had my CROWN REPLACED IN 1.5 HOURS! Mind you, this was not from a temporary crown to a new crown, this was a full blown removal of an old crown, the sizing and manufacturing of a new one, and installation of my new, permanent crown all in one office visit due to a great new piece of equipment they have at the office. I was able to leave the appointment and go out to dinner immediately following. No tenderness, no nasty temporary crown, no follow up visit. Completely good to go!

Dr. Ohlsson has been my dentist for 10+ years and I’ve always taken note of how he invests in new technology – he’s always looking for better, faster, more efficient (and pain-free) dentistry methods…not to mention he has surrounded himself with an amazing, kind, and talented staff. If I could give them 6 stars, I would!

J. Wilson | August 17, 2017

Dr. Ohlsson, I want to thank you for the excellent service my wife and I have received from your wonderful dentist office. Your staff and co-workers are very professional so I will continue to refer my friends and family.

Chris C. | March 11, 2017

Friendly and thorough dental center. We are very pleased with their service.

Matthew S. | November 1, 2016

RHD is the very best! We have been going there for many years and have had all kinds of procedures that have all been successful. But, I think telling you that my hesitant 95 year old mom went to RHD and was very pleased says a lot!

Diana R. | October 25, 2016

Dr. Ohlsson is a very skilled dentist who listens to his patients, explains what he is doing and why. Patients are treated as real people in his office and he does a very professional job.

R. Nelson | July 21, 2016

I have been to many dentists in my lifetime and Dr Ohlsson is the most skilled and professional dentist I have ever known. I am impressed with his talent to create crowns in his office immediately without waiting with temporary crowns that fall off while waiting for the permanent crowns to come in from a lab. The crowns are so natural and the fit is so superb they are hard to tell the difference from my real teeth! Thank you!

Randall H. | July 11, 2016

We have been patients of Dr. Ohlsson for 25 years. My family all loves him and his excellent office staff, would never go anywhere else. He has taken such good care of our dental health we hope he never retires!!!!

Linda K. | June 26, 2016

I have been to only two dentists in my life, Dr. Ohlsson, and his dad before him. I cannot imagine going anywhere else! Dr. Ohlsson is highly skilled, and his staff is wonderful. Three generations of my family put our dental healthcare in Dr. Ohlsson’s hands, and our smiles are evidence of his mastery of dentistry.

Jennifer K | June 24, 2016

We have been Dr. Don’s patients for many years and have always received the very best care. He knows what’s trending plus he knows what works for each individual patient. Wonderful staff, they keep us smiling!

Rob & Catherine J. | June 23, 2016

Dr.Ohlsson is an incredible, professional and personable dentist. My mom took me to Dr.Ohlsson’s office since I was little and now at the age of 24 with the opportunity to choose my own dentist–I still choose Dr.Ohlsson ALWAYS. The facility they operate in is always impeccably clean, as well as the equipment. His staff is friendly, professional and always do a thorough job cleaning my teeth every time. They offer advice each time I go to increase my dental hygiene and make it a point to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. Overall, you won’t have a negative experience with this office. I guarantee it.

Sitha H. | June 23, 2016

I am RN with 30 years experience. I worked as dental technician in military. I am informed dental health consumer. I began using Dr.Ohlsson for my dental health when I lived in Troy. I now live in W. Bloomfield and the drive is well worth it to stay with Dr.Ohlsson’s exemplary team. They also take great care of my 86 y/o mother in law who has Alzheimer’s disease. Top notch loving dental care delivered at Rochester Hills Dental by Dr.Ohlsson’s Team.

Donald H. | June 22, 2016

Friendly caring people. Highly skilled. Awesome latest technology. Fair pricing. I won’t go anywhere else.

Tom B. | March 7, 2016

Definitely 5 stars out 5.

I am a relatively new patient with Dr.Ohlsson and I am impressed with quality of service and state of the art equipment he is using to make my visits as efficient and painless as possible. Than combining with a personable approach and friendly / knowledgeable staff makes this dental practice a hands down winner. Trying to sway my wife to make a switch to Rochester Hills Dental. I wish I did that earlier….

Boris D. | February 24, 2016

This is coming from someone who was not raised going to the dentist regularly, in fact most of the times I did go were terrifying for me, this place is amazing! I had a lot of work to be done and I was very overwhelmed and ridden with anxiety. The staff is very kind, friendly and made me feel a bit more at ease. I always got a phone call from them the day after to make sure I was doing ok. I have been very pleased with all the work done and very proud I am up to date with all my dental work. It is a good feeling! So if you are looking for a great place, this is it!

Rachael D. | February 24, 2016

Great staff, organized office with on-time appointments. Exceptional dental work!

Beth F. | February 24, 2016

New patient January 2016. Found dentist and staff attentive, informative, and effective.

Robert B. | February 17, 2016

Dr. Ohlsson and his staff is the best dentist practice I have ever been to. There is not a more prepared dentist that keeps up with the most modern ways and understands that you have to change with the times in order to grow your business to an ever changing finicky public. I have complete trust in his abilities and in his staffs. He also is a great person who truly cares what he does and lives to serve and help others. Thank you for all you dedicated service.

David C. | February 17, 2016

I give Dr Ohlsson’s office 5 of 5 stars.

I have been with Dr. Ohlsson and his staff for more than 20 years. A very friendly and professional office. Dr. Ohlsson is a excellent listener, he takes your personal preferences into consideration when creating a plan to manage your dental health care needs.

I am also always impressed with the way he keeps his equipment up to date to make for a more pleasant experience.

Frank C. | February 17, 2016

I couldn’t have dreamed of having a better dentist! He treats all his patients like family, not like some random person who comes in every six months. It would take me an entire page to say all the good things about them! They treat everyone with kindness and make sure you walk out the door with a smile ^_^ This is THE dentist to go to!

Evan F. | December 23, 2015

Dr. Don is a great dentist. Very personable, kind and knowledgeable. Fair prices for those without dental insurance. Welcoming and friendly staff who take great care of me. Will always come here to keep a clean grill. =D

Arbor L. | October 5, 2015

Best Dentist I’ve ever had! He knows his stuff. Personable. Knowledgeable. Friendly. His staff is awesome too! I tell everyone I know when they’re looking for a dentist that Dr. Ohlsson is the best Dentist EVER!

Noah B. | September 16, 2015

I have never had a dentist who has made me feel so comfortable. He was upfront about my dental status and my dental needs but never condemned me for not taking adequate care of my teeth. He gently identified areas of concern and patiently guided me through possible (and attainable) options for restoration. He walked me through the process with a perfect balance of an “as gently as possible but firmly as necessary” attitude toward correcting current issues due to past neglect and protecting me from making the same mistakes again by providing me a safe place to visit again that is free of guilt and full of genuine compassion.

Jeremy B. | September 2, 2015

I have a fear about dentists so when I made my first appointment at Rochester Hills Dental, I was dreading it; but I can honestly say that this has been an extremely wonderful experience and I look forward to my next visit. The staff at Rochester Hills Dental are amazing! They are friendly, well-trained and they make you feel at ease during appointments. Dr. Ohlsson cares about his patients and his comfortable nature makes long appointments fly by . He is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and a wonderful dentist. I highly recommend Rochester Hills Dental. It has been the most positive dental experience I’ve ever had.

Natasha B. | August 29, 2015

Always friendly services! 

Tim M. | August 26, 2015

Dr. Ohlsson tells it like it is and is trying to help me get a great smile back….we have some work to do – but I have been to Dr. O’s twice and am coming back for visit #3….so I do believe in The Good Doctor’s great gift of dentistry.

Marianne D. | August 25, 2015

Very professional and personable staff.

Les T. | August 25, 2015

Dr. Ohlsson and his excellent team of hygienists are great! I’ve been seeing Dr. O for over 6 years now, and have experienced nothing but pleasant attitudes and pain-free dental work. Dr. O is a passionate and caring doctor, and is an absolute asset to the community. I always recommend RHD to friends and family in the area who are looking for a solid doctor to care for their dental needs, along with anyone in need of a recommendation for a specialist.

Joe D. | August 25, 2015

I am a senior citizen and Dr. Don Ohlsson has been my dentist since his father, Dr. John Ohlsson, retired. For many years, Dr. Don has been gentle and efficient with all of my dental needs.

Joanne S. | August 24, 2015

Fast and friendly service. I am always able to strike up a nice conversation during cleanings!

Steve S. | August 24, 2015

I have nothing but positives for Rochester Hills Dental – I was referred to Dr. Ohlsson by a friend during a Michigan State football game when I mentioned I wasn’t happy with my dentist. The fact that the office is right across from Rochester High where I work is super convenient, but I enjoyed the people and service so much I switched my two kids, Matt (18) and Nicole (14) to Rochester Hills Dental. and they also love it there. When I got the email from Dr. Ohlsson asking for feedback, it was something I was happy to do!

Chris G. | August 23, 2015

Wonderful people work at this office! Dr. Don is gentle and caring… Everyone is helpful and happy! So glad I switched to Dr. Ohlsson, of course it made alot of sense since my son married his daughter!!! BUT my previous dentist had retired and the timing was perfect!

Sue D. | August 23, 2015

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The doc is great- gentle, skillful, personable.

Anthony B. | August 22, 2015

I was referred to Dr.Ohlsson after a horrible experience at a different, well known practice had mis diagnosed the root of my severe tooth pain. Dr. Ohlsson saw the problem right away, fixed it, and I’ve been pain free ever since! I’d recommend him to anyone.

Samantha F. | August 22, 2015

I was very impressed by Dr. Ohllsen and his staff. I needed to get a crown and have had one in the past. What impressed me was that he created my crown specifically for my tooth while I sat there and had it made in the office while I waited a short time and got my crown put on without having to come back. The technology and convenience were very impressive and keeps me coming back. Dr. Ohllsen is a very friendly Dr. who really cares about his patients. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.

Terra C. | August 22, 2015

My husbands’ family have had many years with Dr. Ohlsson and his father. I’ve know Dr. Ohlsson through St. John Lutheran School, where his children were enrolled. He was a devoted father and was always patient with the staff. I’ve never been too excited about visiting the dentist and after the last bad experience with my dentist, decided I should make the change. Glad I did. Dr. Ohlsson has such a quiet and deep concern for his patients. He makes all of us feel very welcome and comfortable while in that chair!!! Believe me, I’m always a nervous wreck when walking through that office door, but by the end of the hour, I say to myself, lucky to have him at my side. Dr. Ohlsson noticed something on the roof of my husband’s mouth, turned out to be cancer. He called a couple of times during that long ordeal, inquiring about Kens progress, and we were quite impressed. So hopefully, you’re going to be around for a very long time and we’ll see you in September!

Sharon B. | August 21, 2015

Awesome dentist and staff.

Nikola V. | August 21, 2015

I had not been seen and had an emergency and Dr Don fit me in coordinated my treatment and got me in for a follow-up.

Robert F. | August 21, 2015

I started out many years ago with Dr. John and continued with Dr. Don. Both dentists were always very professional and accommodating. I have always felt confident with their services and the ease of obtaining an appointment.

Michele P. | August 21, 2015

Thank you for your excellent care.

Pavel T. | August 21, 2015

Friendly hygienist and one who gave suggestions on how to help with flossing and sensativity….friendly office staff and dentist…

Nicole G. | August 20, 2015

From a crown and fillings to regular cleaning, an amazing dentist with an amazing team. Straight forward, personable, and caring people, there isn’t anything more you can ask for; always a comfortable experience. 

Vern R. | August 20 ,2015

My story dates back 33 years! My oldest child, Justin, was rolling around the house in his walker. The door to the basement somehow had not been closed tightly, and he managed to open it wide and tumble down the basement stairs. He stayed in his walker the entire way down tipping forward onto his face at the bottom. His four bottom baby teeth had been hit pretty bad and were just hanging in his mouth. We rushed him to Crittenton Hospital. The emergency doctor checked Justin out, and told us he was fine except for his teeth. He recommended we see a dentist immediately. We went home and began to call the emergency numbers for dentists in the Rochester area. As God would have it, Dr. Ohlsson Sr. was ready and willing to see Justin right away. Justin was terrified, and sat on my lap the entire time. Dr. Ohlsson was very understanding and gentle. He was able to push his baby teeth back into their proper places without too much trauma. He told us the roots of these teeth could be damaged and their could be the chance of Justin having damage to his permanent teeth. Justin is 34 today. He has all of his permanent teeth!

Our family stayed with Dr. Ohlsson for many years…even being a part of the baton passing to his son Donald.

It is great to be a part of a family business who treats you like family.

Robyn B. | August 20, 2015

I am glad to be back at Rochester Dental after moving out of town for a few years. The staff is very professional and accommodating, they are great at scheduling appointments around our busy schedule. I would recommend this dentist office to anyone looking in the Rochester area.

Phil H. | August 20, 2015

Great staff – always helpful and nice.

Mary M. | August 20, 2015

we appreciate the good service and care keep it up Ed

Ed & Suzanne P. | August 20, 2015

Dr. Ohlsson is the best Dentist I have ever been to. He and his staff really care about the patient, unusual in this day and time. I appreciate gentle people who are willing to inconvenience themselves in order to help others. Thank you for your kindness.

Rajesh K. K. | August 19, 2015

very friendly, responsive, professional and takes the time to discuss any all procedures.

Leonard E. | August 19, 2015

I have been a patient for about 50 years I started out with Donald’ s father and when he retiered I decided to stay on with son and I am glad I did he has done well by me and I wish him much success.

Linda H. | August 19, 2015

The best dental experience I have had. Always addresses my questions and concerns honestly and does not recommend unnecessary work. The staff is great and Dr. Ohlsson is the best. After being with Rochester Hills Dental for the past 7 years, I would not go anyway else.

Mitzie R. | August 19, 2015

I had worked in the medical field for over 50 years and I knew when I walked in the office and introduced myself that this was a well run office. I was very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the staff. Becki did an awesome job in my first “real” cleaning in over five years. She went so far as to ask what brand of toothpaste I used before filling a take home sample bag. I felt no pressure when Dr. Ohlsson suggested some options to consider and didn’t discuss cost but had his review the cost options to me.  The only suggestion – place the New Testament Bible of the Lutheran church on the top table shelf. Thank you

Ruth M. | August 19, 2015

I am a new patient of Dr. Ohlsson. The staff are very pleasant and helpful. They make you feel as comfortable as possible. My husband has been there more than I have and they did a good job in helping him with a crown which he need to have done. He was quite happy that they were able to do it all in one visit. In the past it usually took two appointments.

Sue G. | August 19, 2015

Everyone in everyone in the office is courteous and caring!

John K. | August 19, 2015

Rochester hills dental associates is a very good place! I’ve been visiting them for two years now and they are extremely professional, courteous and willing to accommodate/make changes ensuring the patients comfort. Dr. Olhsson and his staff are very nice people and they treat you with respect and dignity. They also have excellent services and are always ensuring they have all the latest equipments for dental treatment like CEREC (for crowns and bridges), ZOOM whitening treatment, just to name a few. I would even recommend parents to get their children to Dr. Olhsson like I do and my son is extremely comfortable here!

Great doctor, wonderful staff and excellent service!

Lakshmi V. | August 19, 2015

When our family arrived in USA back in 1998 from Europe I was given a booklet from the insurance company to pick a dentist in the Rochester area. When I spotted the name Dr. Ohlsson ( and coming from Sweden myself) I thought this must be the right place as it’s a proper Swedish surname with both ss’ intact. So we called up and made our first appointment and for the last 17 years we have been absolutely satisfied with the very friendly atmosphere and excellent professional treatment for the whole family.

Per-Erik H. | August 19, 2015

Dr. Ohlsson has been our family dentist for years and we highly recommend his practice to anyone. Always receive excellent treatment, customer service and wonderful dental hygienists.

Lora P. | August 19, 2015

I have had nothing but positive experiences with the staff at Dr. Ohlsson’s office. I have never been a big fan of going to the dentist office but I really like my hygienist and I also think Dr. Ohlsson is an amazing dentist with great “bedside” manner. My favorite thing about this office is that I never dread going there. They never make me feel like I am doing it “wrong” or destined to have problems. I also appreciate that they never try to scare me into changing my habits. They are much more likely to help me get better at taking care of my teeth by sharing their knowledge. Thank you to Dr. Ohlsson and the whole staff!

Natalie J. | August 19, 2015

Dr. Don is honestly the best around!! Before I came to him, I still had all my wisdom teeth and many other problems. I had not seen a dentist for years due to not really knowing who is good and who isnt in the business. One of my own personal clients, who actually works for Dr. Don, referred me to the office and ever since Dr.Don and the whole staff has been a blessing!! They have been so kind, helpful and patient with many things and I tell anyone and everyone I know about Rochester Hills Dental!! Truly a wonderful Doctor and staff!! Thanks for being the best!!

Mark P. | August 19, 2015

The hygenists are wonderful and take good care of my teeth. They are very pleasant and personable. I appreciate their work and attitude.

Marc P. | August 19, 2015

The office personnel are always running on time, pleasant, professional and allows there work to speak for itself. I have great confidence in there ability to keep me healthy.

Herbert R. | August 19, 2015

I’ve been a patient for many many years along with my family , before Don I used to go to his father. Not only is done a gift the dentist he is also a very kind soul . I will never go anywhere else.

Laura A. | August 19, 2015

I’ve recommended Dr. Ohlsson to family and friends. The team Dr. Ohlsson’s has is fantastic, they always provide a clear explanation of the procedures they are performing, and tips on how to keep your teeth looking the best. They take the time and uses technology to share before/after images of any problem areas that need attention.

Jeff S. | August 19, 2015

Great service & friendly staff.

Makalah F. | August 18, 2015

The dental team was courteous, friendly and professional. In my experience, they have put their primary focus on disease prevention and Dr. Ohlsson, when necessary, has done good work with a minimal amount of discomfort. I appreciate their help!

Craig S. | August 18, 2015

I have just started with your office, but so far I feel good about the dentist and your whole practice

Kathleen A. | August 18, 2015

The staff is very friendly and helpful. Dental hygienists do a wonderful job cleaning teeth and educating on how and why to properly clean teeth, there are more reasons than just avoiding cavities. Dr. Ohlsson doesn’t push to have unnecessary procedures done like some of my previous dentists. I’m very glad to have found this group of people.

Karissa | August 18, 2015

Great customer care is provided at every visit. Dr. Ohlsson and the staff are very friendly and make you feel at home! I would have to give them my highest recommendation!

Jeanette M. | August 18, 2015

Excellent & prompt dental care has always been provided – weather it be teeth-cleaning or a new crown.

Beth M. | August 18, 2015

We have been trusting our dental care to Dr. Ohlsson and staff for several years now. They are friendly, caring, and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. My 6 year-old daughter actually gets excited about going to the dentist!

Carly V. T. | August 18, 2015

Excellent Practice! I’ve been going to here since I was a child (over 35 years ago). While living in the south for the last 10 years, I never found a dentist that even came close to comparing to Dr. Ohlsson (and believe me, I tried about 5 different ones!).

Eric K. | August 18, 2015

great office staff!

Beth F. | August 17, 2015

My family and I have been going to Rochester Hills Dental for years. I’ve never been to another dentist and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else! Recently I’ve started being bothered by the polisher and certain parts of cleanings, but my hygienist always makes sure I feel comfortable. All of the staff is helpful and patient and I always leave with a (clean) smile.

Caroline S. | August 17, 2015

I’m very happy that I switched over to Dr. Ohlsonn. He and is staff are very professional, prompt, overall very nice people.

Ann R. | August 17, 2015

We can always be assured that we are receiving the absolute best dental care with Dr. Don. He and his staff are caring, gentle and well qualified professionals! Our family, both children and adults, feel privileged to be part of their patient family. Thank you for this opportunity to say “job well done!”

Anne K. | August 16, 2015

Dr. Ohlsonn’s dental practice helped me in having very good dental hygiene. Staff at the practice are very knowledgeable and have expertise in dental health cleaning.

Damodar T. | August 16, 2015

Very nice initial visit

Dave E. | August 13, 2015