General Dentistry

We recommend patients come into our office for a regular teeth cleaning and checkup every six months. Our general dentistry services focus on prevention, helping you live comfortably, and keeping your smile a healthy, and lasting beautiful.

Some of our general dentistry services include:

Teeth Cleaning and Polishing – Keeping your teeth clean will help prevent caries, cavities and plaque/tartar build-up. Normal brushing and flossing is crucial to your oral health, but normal scheduled hygiene appointments (teeth cleaning and polishing) are necessary to remove the stubborn stains and plaque that normal tooth brushing and scaling can’t.

Oral Cancer Screenings – We recommend an oral cancer screening annually for each patient. We provide each oral cancer screening with our Oral ID cancer prevention system at each hygiene appointment. We are now offering a new injection comfort system for our patients with DentalVibe for patient comfort!

TMD/TMJ Treatment – Jaw pain can be difficult to live with, but if you come to us, we can help relieve your jaw pain and TMD headaches with compassionate treatment and care. By diagnosing the cause of your TMD, we can create a personalized treatment plan that will help you feel great again.

Mouth Guards and Appliances – Our mouthguards can protect your teeth from injury when you play sports, and we even have appliances that can prevent snoring. To find out more about our mouthguards and how they can help you, call us at our office today.

Dental Sealants – Bonding a special sealant to your tooth in its pits and crevices will help prevent the accumulation of food particles and plaque, thus preventing many causes of cavities and tooth decay. Sealants are also an effective way to prevent caries in children and adults according to recent research by the ADA.

Extractions – We will do everything we can to save your damaged teeth, but if restorative procedures cannot repair an infected or damaged tooth, a tooth extraction may be the best option to protect your oral health. A tooth extraction involves removing the damaged tooth/teeth from the supportive bone and tissue.

To schedule a general dentistry appointment, call us today.