CEREC Crowns

cerec-logoReceive A Stunning, Beautifully Crafted Porcelain Crown In Less Than One Day With Rochester Hills Dental.

At our practice, your comfort and convenience is our top priority. We continually work to make sure patients feel good when they visit our office. Your time is valuable, and we do our part to respect your time by investing in the highest quality technologies to improve our procedures and make top quality dental care even more efficient. At Rochester Hills Dental, we are proud to offer CEREC technology to our patients. CEREC technology allows us to create beautiful, custom-made porcelain crowns right in our office.

CEREC Technology

CEREC uses software and a mill to create beautiful restorations using molds of your natural teeth. At practices where CEREC is not available, crowns are created in a dental lab, and most crown related procedures can take two or more appointments. With CEREC technology, we can craft your crown during the same visit, saving you time, and expense.

The Benefits of CEREC Technology

  • CEREC can be used to create crowns and other restoratives that would normally have to be crafted in a dental lab.
  • CEREC technology allows Dr. Ohlsson to perform crown procedures in one easy appointment, instead of multiple appointments.
  • Using our CEREC machine, we can create custom-made crowns that fit your needs perfectly.
  • With a CEREC crown, you will be able to protect your tooth from further infection or harm.
  • CEREC uses the finest materials to create perfect dental crowns.

Patients can take advantage of CEREC technology when they visit our office. CEREC technology can also be used to craft veneers and other porcelain restorations. To find out more about CEREC Crowns in a Day, call us today at our office.