Botox and Fillers

With all of the success the treatment has enjoyed in world-renown circles like Hollywood, Botox has become a household name. However, the astonishing and rejuvenating treatments that are Botox and dermal fillers aren’t just for actors on the silver screen. Here at Rochester Hills Dental, you too, can experience all-star cosmetic care!

What Is Botox?

Botox is made from a purified protein known as botulinum toxin—which, in safe small doses, has the power to relax certain muscles to reduce skin wrinkles and aged appearance! 

When you come to our office for facial rejuvenation, we’ll put a very small injection into certain areas of your face, such as around the eyes, forehead, or lips. Incredibly, it takes only 2–10 days to see the results of a Botox treatment. Your skin quickly begins to smooth out, creating a nice and more youthful appearance. 

It’s no wonder that this treatment has gained so much attention over the years in medical and media circles. It has plenty of potential! 

Botox has been proven useful in all the following treatments:

  • Boosting facial esthetics and personal confidence. 
  • Relieving stiffness and pain related to TMJ disorders or lockjaw.
  • Reducing pain and frequency of migraine headaches.
  • Helping patients adjust to the feel of new dentures.

This unlocks a world of possibilities as both a cosmetic treatment as well as a solution for pain management. Any patient that wants to feel more confident in their appearance now has the means to do so with the wrinkle-erasing power of Botox, all without the fear of undergoing any permanent surgery. 

How Long Does Botox Last?

When it comes to this procedure, you can say good things come in small doses! For a single treatment of Botox, you can get nearly five months of more youthful looking skin that lets you look and feel your finest. 

Botox is not a permanent treatment, so you may have to come in for another small dose when you notice the effects wearing off.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

As we age, certain areas of our face lose fat and collagen, leaving us with less volume which can result in increased wrinkles, deeper facial lines, and sagging. Dermal fillers are a treatment to return a healthy and vibrant volume to the face, providing a younger look.

Dermal fillers are made of a natural substance called hyaluronic acid—the same substance that helps your skin maintain its natural moisture and elasticity. This means that adding dermal fillers to your skin is just adding back more of that natural chemical that your skin has lost over time from aging.

What Is the Dermal Filler Process?

The actual treatment is precise, selecting areas that have noticeable volume loss to be injected with filler. This can provide smoother skin, fuller lips, and reduced smile lines.   

Astoundingly, just two procedures of dermal fillers can cover a patient’s cosmetic needs for half a year! Once again patients can be provided a fuller, more vibrant appearance and regain the youthful smile they were once so proud to share with the world. 

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