Sonicare Toothbrushes

PHILIPS_DIAMOND_CL 028Greetings!  Did you know that we care Sonicare Power Toothbrushes???  Well, We do and at prices less than the major retailers.  In addition, by buying through a professional office, Sonicare is offering a $20 rebate!  What a deal!!!  We currently have the DiamondClean and the new FlexCare Platinum in stock.  The FlexCare Platinum has not been made available to public retailers yet.

Sonicare Power Toothbrushes have many benefits over manual brushing.  From removing more plaque between your teeth, controlled timed sessions, reducing gingivitis, to even whitening your teeth.  There are many great benefits!  Our patients that have switched to the Sonicare Toothbrushes have had great success!

Would you like more information???  Please give us a call today!

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