Soda Pop and Decay

















Pop has become a staple in many American’s diets.  This is not a good thing!  Pop contains a lot of sugar and acid!  The sugar combines with bacteria in the mouth and becomes acid as well.  This acid attacks the teeth and can last up to twenty minutes.  The acid attack will weaken the tooth enamel which leaves the opportunity for bacteria to create cavities in the teeth.  So you ask, what about diet pop?  The answer … NO!  Diet soda, while it does not contain sugars, it still has acid as well.  Our recommendation … stick to water!


So what can you do …

We know that you are going to have a pop.  There are things that you can do to help your teeth.

– Drink in moderation

– Don’t sip for long periods of time.  The ongoing sipping prolongs sugar and acid attacks on your teeth.

– Use a straw to keep the sugar away from your teeth.

– After drinking, swish your mouth out with water to dilute the sugar.

– Never drink pop or juice before bedtime.  Reason: the liquid pools in your mouth and coats your tongue and teeth with sugar and acid.

– Drink water instead.  It has no sugar, no acid, and no calories.

– Get regular checkups and cleanings to remove bacteria buildup (plaque).  Floss, too.

– Use a fluoride toothpaste to protect your teeth.


Sugar & Acid = Double Trouble


Acid (low is bad)

Sugar (12 oz serving)

Water 7 (neutral) 0
Diet Coke 3.39 0
Coke 2.53 9.3 tsp
Pepsi 2.49 9.8 tsp.
Mt. Dew 3.22 11 tsp.
Diet Mt. Dew 3.34 O
Gatorade 2.95 3.3 tsp.