Halloween Treat Alternatives

trick-or-treatersWith the Halloween holiday approaching, children of all ages look forward to the various activities that go with the holiday such as wearing costumes, parties, and of course trick-or-treating for treats.  Sugary treats and candy that are high in sugar can cause teeth problems.  With this in mind, my staff has come up some great alternatives to pass out in place of the usual candy treats.


– Xylotal Gum – This is an all natural sweetened gum which also helps prevent tooth decay.

– Stickers – Kids love them and can’t have enough of them!

– Hair Accessories – Girls love doing their friends and their own hair.

– Toy Cars – Great fun for both boys and girls.

– Temporary Tattoos – A favorite of kids.

– Pencils and notepads – A fun necessity.

– Bubbles – Fun for all ages.